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Recipient of more Patents and Awards than any other anti fatigue ergonomic mat.

Cleanroom Testing & Certification

Findings: Barefoot is Cleanroom certified to Class 1000.

Test Report Results

Controlled Environmental Regulatory Testing Services

From: Tim Gjertsen, C.E.R.T.S.
RE: Product Cleanliness Testing

CERTS was contacted by John Austin of Beagle I Company looking to conduct Product Cleanliness Testing of his Barefoot Ergonomics Flooring System. We were informed that his product was to be used in a classroom environment and needed to be tested to confirm cleanroom class compatibility.

The test ws set up using a Class 100 Laminar Flow Bench with an established background of zero 0.5 micron particles (see data sheets for specific samples). After unpacking of the Barefoot sample, the technician thoroughly cleaned the products using 70% IPA. The technician performing the test was gowned in Class 100 garb. The technicians's gloves were cleaned in between each test using 70% IPA.

The Tests Included

  • Test Bench Background - To establish particulate levels withink the Laminar Flow Bench (ID#0)
  • Static Test - Barefoot sample placed 6" from particle counting probe and in the airflow (ID #1)
  • Brush Test - With product in same location as static test, the technician brushed the surface continuously throughout sample (ID #2).
  • Compression Test - Using the palm of his hand, the technician compressed the product continuously throughout the sample (ID #3).
  • Drop Test - The product was continuously dropped from a height of 10" and within the airflow (ID #4).

Test Parameters

  • Distance between the HEPA filter and the particle counting probe was 22"
  • The sample time for each test conducted was 5 minutes and 5 cubic feet of air
  • The temperature and relative humidity at time of testing was 71.4" and 50%
  • The particle size tested and reported for the test was 0.5 micron.
Barefoot Ergonomic Flooring System is compatible for cleanrooms up to and including Class 1,000.
Please see data sheets attached for specific results.

If we can be of any further service in this matter please contact us at (714) 259-8833.


Tim Gjertsen
General Manager


Test Report Letter

Test Report Letter