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The most competitive ergonomic anti fatigue mat ever made.

Barefoot vs. SATECH

History of Satech
  • Satech was first patented to be fall-rotection for playgrounds. ¹
  • Two years later, Satech was patented to be a landing pad for helicopters. ²
  • Today, Satech claims to be an anti-fatigue mat for people.
Barefoot is not for helicopters or playgrounds. Our research, design and patents are only related to the ergonomics of standing
  • Applications
  • For Playgrounds
  • For Helicopters
  • For People
  • Satech
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Barefoot
  • No
  • No
  • Yes

Compressibility in Question

Satech’s compressibility equals 87-130 lbs. per sq. inch.*

The claim averages about 110 pounds per square inch.
Satech calls it “optimum.” That claim needs to be questioned:

Imagine a person exerting 110 pounds per square inch - in an area of 42 square inches, per shoe.

A Critical Factor Missing

Any discussion about Compressibility without equal discussion about its inverse, Support, ignores the fact that one factor cannot exist without the other. Cushion and Support are reciprocal mechanical factors necessarily related to the performance of many ergonomic products including matting, insoles, shoes and even chairs. Read more.
Barefoot. Give-in Early. Give-up Last. And be quick about it - for a long time.